"Where Laughter Really IS the Best Medicine."

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Draw Out Your Dreams & Nightmares

Drawing out Your Dreams flyer


July 18, 2015 Comedy Show Fundraiser

Landmark Comedy show

Emerging Health has an upcoming Comedy Show Fundraiser coming up

July 18, 2015. The “New Location” is at the Landmark Restaurant in the

Tower District.  For more information please see the Flyer above or

Call Dan Croteau at (559) 259-7782

Happy Easter!


Happy Easter from the Emerging Health Family!

Dreams and Nightmares Event

Dreams flyer

Emerging Health, is sponsoring an upcoming event on Dreams and Nightmares. Dr Dennis Lewis has studied dreams and nightmares and has even written a book on them. He is called The Dream Dr. This upcoming event is FREE to the public, but donations are welcomed (to cover the cost of the facility). There is limited seating so please call to reserve your seat.

“Happy Pills”


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there really was a “legal, all natural” pill to take when we’re sad and need to laugh?  Remember, “Laughter is the best medicine……..Always!”


Emerging Health C.E.O., Dan Croteau and his wife, Donna Nunes-Croteau.

This is Dan Croteau, C.E.O. of Emerging Health.

This is Dan Croteau, C.E.O. of Emerging Health.

Laughter is the Best Medicine.


Emerging Health Board of Directors

Daniel J. Croteau, C.E.O.
Dr. Dennis Lewis, PhD
Donna Nunes-Croteau, MHS
Lola Aguiniga, LCSW
Joe Elizondo, Spiritual Advisor
Shawn Herd, MSW
Jerry Trejo, Office Manager
Anna Allen, Humorologist
Christine Gilchrist, Support Group Facilitator

Hello world!

Hello! Welcome to Emerging Health!  Emerging Health is a California Non-Profit that was started by Daniel J. Croteau, C.E.O. Dan started Emerging Health to help mental health consumers. Our main goal is help fight stigma and discrimination against mental health consumers.

Emerging Health is Unique Because:

  • We believe everyone is entitled to a happy, healthy life after a mental health diagnosis.
  • We are a Wellness & Recovery philosophy.
  • We understand the healing nature of laughter and humor
  • We have witnessed the transformation and healing nature of humor in one’s life.
  • We serve the most vulnerable and under-served in society; diagnosed with a mental health condition.

    Programs that endeavor to serve people who have been diagnosed with a mental illness often overlook the importance of humor and the ultimate happiness felt in laughter. In the darkest of times, it can seem laughing is unthinkable. When introduced it can be an instant relief from feeling sad and anxious.

  • Have you ever had a sad moment?
  • Do you or someone you know have a mental health diagnosis?
  • Would you like to support us in the challenge to eliminate stigma and discrimination from the lives of consumers?
  • Please help support Emerging Health and the Humorologist in our pursuit to bring humor and laughter to the mental health community.

Emerging Health Mission Statement

Emerging Health will serve Fresno County adults of all ages coping with a mental health diagnosis. The core values of Emerging Health are in the empowerment of the human spirit, through natural and wholesome modalities. Humor, laughter and other art forms that promote the natural quality of life all persons deserve.

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