"Where Laughter Really IS the Best Medicine."

Emerging Health Board of Directors

Daniel J. Croteau, C.E.O.
Dr. Dennis Lewis, PhD
Donna Nunes-Croteau, MHS
Lola Aguiniga, LCSW
Joe Elizondo, Spiritual Advisor
Shawn Herd, MSW
Jerry Trejo, Office Manager
Anna Allen, Humorologist
Christine Gilchrist, Support Group Facilitator


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2 thoughts on “Emerging Health Board of Directors

  1. Emerging Health is excitied about the upcoming show season. The humorologist are familiar to the public and we will be introducing a new humorologist in June. Also the entertainment portion of the show, will feature new singers to “kick-off” the evening. Of course, their will be the raffle prizes the participants always enjoy. Saturday evening, March 07, 2015—hope to see you at the show.

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  2. Yes, I can’t wait!!! Great things happening at Emerging Health and it all benefits the Mental Health Consumers!!


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